Counselling or Psychotherapy

provides a safe, private and non-judgmental environment where you can talk about all aspects of your life in confidence.

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I am here to support you. Mental Health and your Mental Well-being is my concern. Looking after yourself and looking after your mental health means knowing when to use the resource and support that Counselling & Psychotherapy can offer.

Below you will find listed (alphabetically) the diverse range of events, difficulties, traumas and challenges, which most individuals, couples and families will experience in a lifetime.

Do You Need To Talk?

The Ask Yourself section featured throughout this section is offered as a guide to help you make that decision. If you come to the decision that you need to talk or that it is time to talk to a professional,

or Email me with any questions and I will respond promptly.

Do you need to talk about…?

Bereavement Preparation
• Bullying and Harassment
• Cutting & Self-Injury
• Coping Skills
Family Relationships
• Feeling Unable to Express Yourself
• Feeling overwhelmed & helpless

Panic Attacks
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Physical, Emotional Abuse, Domestic violence
• Isolation
• Issues of Confidence & Self-Esteem
• Loss of Meaning and Direction
Low Cost Counselling

Sex, Pornography, Smartphones & Online Addictions
Sexuality & Sex and Sexual Abuse
Substance Abuse and Addiction
• Suicide and Self-harm – Need Help Now?
Student Counseling
• Trauma
• Unable to Talk to Friends & Family
• Unexpected Change and Challenges
• Work Related Issues

Not in Isolation

It is common for many people to experience a range of these difficulties rather than one isolated experience.  So a person who is finding it hard to cope with feelings of depression can also find himself or herself feeling isolated, or they can experience a sense of low self-esteem, which feeds a cycle of depressed feelings.

For some people the feelings of depression are linked to stress or work related issues. It is more common to experience more than one of the above listed challenges at any given time or during a period of difficulty.

Dual Diagnosis –Addictions

It is also understood that often people who are experiencing addiction also experience other mental health difficulties. For example: the addiction to alcohol/gambling/sexual compulsive behavior is experienced with anxiety or self- harm or depression, and this is understood to have a significant exasperating affect when experienced together.

Talking to a professional

Counselling can help you to understand what these challenges and difficulties mean to you; whether they are isolated experiences or whether they are experienced alongside other mental health difficulties. Counselling & psychotherapy will help you to identify the origins & triggers, which cause these experiences. Engaging in the counselling process also encourages you to identify with new & more meaningful ways to cope as you gain a deep understanding and insight into your relationships and behavioral patterns, and the defense mechanisms you have learned.