Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy can be a life-changing event for both women and men. Whether your pregnancy is planned or planned there can be several challenges to overcome.

You might not have told your partner or family and not received the response you had hoped for. Maybe you have not spoken to anyone about being pregnant at all.

Unplanned pregnancy

Some people may not know what they are going to do, while others might have their mind made up about proceeding or ending their pregnancy. Maybe you are struggling watching a son or daughter trying to deal with the news of an unplanned pregnancy. Additionally others find themselves dealing with an unplanned pregnancy when they are not in a relationship and this can also bring its own set of challenges.

Additionally not all pregnancy’s go to plan, some ending due to miscarriage, others by abortion. Some people struggle with financial issues; one of the major concerns for anyone dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is money. Any of the issues mentioned above can have devastating impacts for the people involved. Others struggle with infertility issues, which can have devastating effects on every area of their lives.

Planned Pregnancy

Even though you may have planned your pregnancy, you may be encountering difficulties you didn’t expect, or things may not be going the way you had through they would. Sometimes talking or trying to explain your worries to those closest to you can be difficult, maybe they don’t just get what your saying or agree with your views. Pregnancy is one of the most profound experiences that women and additionally men will experience in their lifetime. It is a time of much change.

Support for New Mothers and Fathers

Being the parent of a new baby, even if it’s not your fist can be a challenging and difficult time. It can be joyful but it can also leave your feeling exhausted, lonely, stressed and worried. Things may not be going the way you had expected them to go.

Maybe you are struggling and feeling overwhelmed, being a mother or father to a new baby is hard and there is a lot of pressure to be the “ideal parent”. Sometimes new parents are not in a relationship and that brings struggles on several different levels, in addition some find themselves being a parent to a new baby and coping on their own which is extremely hard work. Often in this situation, new parents struggle with issues around their rights as a parent.

Post Natal Depression

Being the parent of a new baby, even if it’s not your first, can be a challenging and difficult time. It can be wonderful – but it can also leave you feeling exhausted, lonely, stressed and worried. Maybe it’s not as you expected and now that your baby has arrived you find yourself under enormous pressure to know everything about being a new parent and struggling with sleepless nights, a crying baby and not a lot of support.

It can sometimes be difficult to share these feelings with those closest to you, including your partner, family and friends, and easy to blame yourself for feeling like you just cant cope. The reality is being parent to a new baby is hard work and even more so if you are doing it alone and with no support.

Some times new mothers feel a bit down since the birth of their baby.

Caring for a new baby is hard work. Often sleepless nights and recovering from the birth, on top of caring for a new baby, can leave you feeling exhausted and down.

It is important you talk to someone about how you are feeling. It can be really difficult at this time to talk to those closest to you, and you may find it much easier to talk to someone outside of family and friends.

For some women, domestic abuse can begin with pregnancy.

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