Low Cost Student Counselling and Supervision Service Clonmel and Limerick

Low Cost Counselling, Psychotherapy & Supervision is available for those of you who are experiencing the challenges of study, relationships,personal development, living independently, finances, anxiety, stress, fitting-in, friendships, direction, depression, exams, sexuality, self- confidence or self-esteem.

Student Discounts

  • Individual, Confidental Counselling session.
  • Session length normally takes on average 1 hour.



  • €30/Hour

Group Discounts

  • Yes I provide both group counselling and group supervision.
  • Minimum number of group members for each service is three,
  • Maximum number of 6 group members.
  • Sessions lengths will normally be slightly longer when working with larger groups to allow all members time to avail of the session.
  • €20/per member

Are you eligible?

Students following full time education are eligible to attend for counselling or supervision. Please bring your Student I.D. card.Ask Yourself

“How do I know if counselling is right for me?”

If you are unsure about what counselling can offer or perhaps you are not sure if your problems and challenges are not big enough to need counselling – then consider the following questions. I hope to have enough information on this site to help and guide you in the right direction; to what works for you.

I am happy to answer any questions you have. Click on the Contact me button to fill out the enquiry form. All questions are welcome.

Ask Yourself

Have you been feeling this way for a period of time?

Do you feel worse than you have previously?

How are you coping with what is happening for you right now?

How does it work?

Sessions are normally weekly at a pre arranged time. Sessions are confidential, a space where you can speak in private, about what is happening to you and receive support. They are low cost and paid in cash at the end of each session. Places for low cost counselling and student counselling are limited and please mention that you wish to avail of these places at time of booking.

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