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My aim is to provide an environment where you will feel comfortable, safe and supported.

I hope to build our relationship so that you find me trustworthy to talk to, in confidence, about all aspects of your life including your thoughts and feelings and the difficulties you are experiencing.


More About Me


I am committed to providing a competent and compassionate counselling service. I work within the ACPC, RCNI and BACP code of ethics and practice for Counselors, Psychotherapists and Supervisors.

I believe that counselling and psychotherapy can affect change in an individual whether engaged in through crisis, seeking support and/or for personal development.

Prior to training and working as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor Michelle was self-employed for over 20 years, running and involved in several, small to medium successful business enterprises.


What Others Are Saying About Me

Michelle was a guest facilitator at our Relationships and Sexuality Education training event. We invited her to facilitate a session about sexual violence to staff working with young people. Michelle delivered her content professionally, respectfully and with great sensitivity. Michelle’s input was an important aspect of our training and we hope to continue to work with her at our trainings.
Linda Leavy , Foroige

Professional Training and Qualifications

I graduated with an M.A. (1st), in Clinical Supervision and Professional Practice from the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences (ICHAS).

Prior to completing my M.A. I graduated from (ICHAS) with at B.A. (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Additionally I have completed the Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) two-year training in sexual assault and rape.

I am a trained Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU) worker and also work as a co trainer in the Rape Crisis Midwest (RCMW) in Limerick, training SATU support workers.  In addition to working as a counselor, I have worked in several roles with the RCMW including delivering trainings on Sex and the Law on behalf of RCNI for Foroige, delivering talks to students on Sex and the law and informed consent, additionally I have also worked as a court accompaniment support worker.  I am a train the trainer for Safe Talk and have completed my Assist training.  I have worked in a Women’s Refuge for the last number of years and am used to working with clients who may need a multi disciplinary approach to aid their recovery.  I also work in private practice as a counselor, psychotherapist and supervisor.  I am also trained in Psychometric testing.

These qualifications meet the criteria of the Association of Professional Counselors and Psychotherapists (ACPC) and the British Association of Counselors and Psychotherapists (BACP).  I am a fully accredited member of both organizations in addition to also being fully accredited with Rape Crisis Networks Ireland (RCNI).

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

As an accredited member of the counselling and psychotherapy community I am also committed to the BACP, ACPC and RCNI, continuing professional development framework.

This is a process that encourages practitioners to maintain, enhance and advance their professional knowledge and skills.  It contributes to lifelong learning and it also complements the ongoing supervision I attend which ensures my clinical work and professional standards are maintained.

I provide counselling for individuals & family members, parents & adolescents.

Counselling Process and Approach

I believe and subscribe to the humanistic approach of Person-Centred Psychotherapy as developed by theorist Carl Rogers. This puts the individual’s needs and resourcefulness at the heart of the therapeutic relationship.  Additionally I am a trained CBT therapist and integrate this into my working practices where and when it is appropriate.

In practice I work as an integrative psychotherapist and counselor. This involves the exploration of several different themes of approach from interpersonal relations, the psychodynamic exploration of the unconscious and also from the exploration of the person’s family systems and environment.

I place emphasis on the exploration of the personal narratives, which guide and underscore the person’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors, and the context in which they live and how they experience themselves in that context. I believe in the promotion of a collaborative relationship. One that seeks to find new and creative ways of understanding and coping with the symptoms and the underlying causes of the person’s difficulties.

I believe that it can be in the best interest of the client to work in tandem (where appropriate or required) with other professionals such as Psychiatrists, Family Doctors, Nutritionists, Holistic Therapists and other Health Professionals as we engage in counselling.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can be a great support for anybody seeking help through difficulties and challenges; when issues and behaviors appear to feel stuck or in a rut, or when reoccurring problems seem hard and frustrating or just too much to face.

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